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A waste of time

Discussion in 'General Support & Questions' started by inax123, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. inax123

    inax123 Customer Customer

    Dear Lautaro, At this moment I am really angry, but I prefer to ask things in a good way, my anger is because I lost approximately 2 hours trying to solve a problem with the Cron Jobs, executing but not saving the cache.
    You affirmed that this version already supported the "CUSTOM" files so install my web to use some files with base MuEmu ... Modify the corresponding tables in custom.tables.php.
    But I guess that in the Classes this "case" is not added. When I added the Custom Class, everything started to work well.
    Did this miss you or what happens?
  2. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    The custom tables file is loaded in /includes/webengine.php, here:

    If you're talking about the Rankings library not running the queries for the CUSTOM files, that's because the custom files are meant to be for you to integrate to the web. Custom meaning "any server", so that would require you to write each ranking query to make sure it fully works with your database.
  3. inax123

    inax123 Customer Customer

    What you are telling me does not make sense, it is obvious that Custom files have to be integrated, that's why the file custom.tables.php
    It does not load the querys because the Custom case is not added in each type of ranking

    Just adding Case "CUSOTM" with the same querys works all right
  4. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    The "CUSTOM" files configuration can be used with pretty much any files out there. So far I have only owned IGCN and MUE premium files, that's why these are the two main compatibility options. I don't know the different table structure of all the rest of files out there, that's why the queries are not there, so that the user adds them to make sure they are 100% working with their files.

    You were lucky that your current files use the same structure as the queries in the Rankings library, but that is not the case with all the other Mu files released. So if I do what you're saying, of just adding the "case" for CUSTOM class and using the same queries, whenever someone uses it with files that are not compatible with the queries will receive lots of database errors.
  5. inax123

    inax123 Customer Customer

    Ok, so for example, if I can verify that all the queries work correctly with muemu, can you add it as another case?
  6. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    Yes, that's correct! and that's how compatibility patches are made.

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