Module Buy/Share - MasterReset Module for Files MuEmu

Hello all,

I need a module for WebEngine or 1.1.0. What i want is:

- Reset character Resets.
- Reset character Points.
- Reset character Skills.
- Reset character MasterSkillTree and give 10 Points multiplied per the number of MasterResets/GrandResets.
(Most specified, If a character has 8 MResets, the module should reset everything and give him 1 more MReset and 90 Points to the MasterSkillTree).
- Reset character Location to Lorencia 150 150.

I have Paypal as payment method, but if someone could explain me for me doing it, it's fine too. :)




If what you need is custom coding service for this specific plugin please send me a PM so we can go over the specifics of the module.