If I try to add an Master Reset

Why the lines doesn't do the jobb? Am I missing something?

$update = $dB->query("UPDATE "._TBL_MASTERLVL_." SET
                                "._CLMN_ML_LVL_." = 0,
                                "._CLMN_ML_EXP_." = 0,
                                "._CLMN_ML_POINT_." = "._CLMN_ML_POINT_." + (10 * "._CLMN_ML_GRESETS_."),
                                "._CLMN_ML_GRESETS_." = "._CLMN_ML_GRESETS_." + 1
                                WHERE "._CLMN_ML_NAME_." = ?", array($character_name));
the result of this is, "There has been an unexpected error, please contact the support team. " It should work if it worked when I rewrote a line for the resets, everything is in the same table.