Items - Inventory variables.

It's any way that I can change the result of data type [varbinary(7648)] ? So I can rename the result for it's item or how is the process if I want to add an inventory to the "/profile/player/"

As you can see scrolling down, I want to add the equipament in this module.



Usually, for renaming column names in an SQL query you do as follow:
SELECT column1, column2, column3 AS customname FROM tablename WHERE ........
So then, in PHP, instead of using "column3" you would use "customname" to get the data.
I know that I can just rename it.

But most of times it doesn't work as if we take the inventory colum.
To figure out which one will be helm, armor, pants, gloves, boots. and so on.

$xxx" And so on until it's $21"

if I say like this the Inventory has for rename "<?=$cData[24];?>"

When I go to the inventory I would probably write like this,

<div class="helm"><img alt="myhelm" src="<?=$cData[24];?>.gif"></div>

Having folder.

As result I do get