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Module Online Players

Discussion in 'Customizations & Modules' started by Lautaro, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    Online Players

    This is a very simple module to display the online players in your server. The data is retrieved LIVE from the MEMB_STAT table and it's not cached. It is not recommended to use in websites with high traffic.

    1. Download the attached ZIP file
    2. Extract the ZIP contents in WebEngine's modules folder
    3. Done

    Once uploaded, you just have to enter the module like so:
    The module comes with very basic configs to show or not show certain character data. To change the configs edit the module file with a text editor.

    • WebEngine 1.0.4 PL1
    • WebEngine 1.0.5
    • WebEngine 1.0.5 PL1
    • WebEngine 1.0.6
    • WebEngine 1.0.7
    • WebEngine 1.0.7 PL1
    • WebEngine 1.0.8

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    Last edited: Jan 22, 2015
  2. Random

    Random Customer Customer

    This is awesome. :)
  3. Massimosse

    Massimosse Customer Customer

    Thank you for making this module already online :)
  4. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    You're welcome :cool:
  5. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    Tested with WebEngine 1.0.8.
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