1.0.9 PDO sqlsrv problem

When I choose sqlsrv on PDO Driver then I login to my website then I get this error message:
Fatal error: Invalid sql_display_size in \htdocs\includes\classes\class.database.php on line 70
Code in class.database.php
$result = $query->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
But if I choose ODBC on PDO Driver then all works perfectly. Why?
I am actually getting the same error while I am trying to access sections of User CP like Reset Character, add stats, etc...

The versions I've got are:
PHP 5.6.23
Apache 2.4.17

By the way, I cannot see ranking information, for example, I go to rankings on the menu on the website and I choose, let's say... Top Resets or Top Level and it says: 'There are no ranking results to display.' Even though there are 2 existing characters on server database both with resets and level more than 1. Maybe I need more characters for the website to fill in the rankings section or is this somehow associated with connection to the database?