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INFO Pricing and Services

Discussion in 'Information & pre-sales questions' started by Lautaro, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    WebEngine CMS 2.0.0 (BDO)

    WebEngine CMS 2.0.0 (BDO) is based on WebEngine's 2.0.0 CMS open-source project, however most of its core has been modified and made fully compatible with BDO. The source code of the CMS is encrypted and requires you to have IONCUBE on the server where you will be hosting your website. You may find all the current and future features of the CMS in the following link: https://forum.webenginecms.org/threads/features-list.383/

    Pricing (self hosted):
    • Members access: $150 USD (one-time payment)
    • License subscription: (mandatory)
      • 1 Month: $25 USD
      • 6 Months: $125 USD
      • 12 Months: $225 USD
    License Information:
    • 1 domain
    • 1 server ip
    • premium support (via Discord)

    Pricing (WebEngine Cloud):
    • coming soon ...

    • Template Integration (HTML):
      • $50 - $150 USD (one-time payment)
    • Custom Template Design:
      • $100 - $500 USD (one-time payment)
    • Web Server Setup (CentOS):
      • $35 USD (one-time payment)
        • + $15 USD for forum installation
    • Custom Coding:
      • contact me.

    * All prices include Tax and PayPal fees.
    * Contact me for demos and test websites.
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