Problem with website v2.0 beta 3

hi guys,

i just finalize the configuration, and run the website but the changes doesn't was aplicated..

this are the configurations:
1. Upload and extract the BETA 3 release on your host
2. Open WebEngine's configuration file `/includes/config/webengine.json`
3. Change the following settings:
    * `offline_mode` set to `false`
    * `SQL_DB_HOST` your MSSQL host
    * `SQL_DB_NAME` your MuOnline database name
    * `SQL_DB_2_NAME` your Me_MuOnline database name
    * `SQL_DB_USER` your SQL user
    * `SQL_DB_PASS` your SQL password
    * `SQL_DB_PORT` your SQL port (commonly 1433)
    * `SQL_USE_2_DB` set to `true` if using Me_MuOnline
    * `SQL_PDO_DRIVER` `1 = dblib, 2 = sqlsrv, 3 = odbc`
    * `SQL_ENABLE_MD5` set to `true` if you're using MD5
4. Make sure the following paths and files are writable (recursively) `chmod to 0777`
    * `/includes/cache/`
    * `/includes/config/`
    * `/includes/webengine.db`
and the site is this (this's not a spam, it's for look the error with the webengine cms)

i can't enter the admincp ( the sistem say "[ERROR] Access forbidden." the ranking of characters are not those of the my server, i can't login or register users and so with everithing else..

please look this error and helpme, becuse the website not working correctly..

thanks so mutch..


We develop our CMS in a linux environment thus we don't officially support XAMPP since it's just a development environment tool, for a live (production) site you should be using a proper web server and not XAMPP.