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INFO Public and private development explained

Discussion in 'Customizations & Modules' started by Lautaro, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    The plugin system allows any developer and myself to easily create add-ons/plugins to extend the functionality of the web in an easier way and with faster development. As a WebEngine customer you may request custom plugins or modifications in three different ways:

    Private Development:
    In this case you will be paying for custom coding, priced hourly as shown in the WebEngine pricing and services thread. When ordering a private plugin, the plugin sources will only be available to you and nobody else.
    Public Development:
    This case it's just like private development, the only difference is that the plugin is posted in the forum and put to sell to all the WebEngine customers as a premium plugin. Since being available to purchase by any customer, the price of public development plugins might be lower. When ordering a public development service you are entitled to be the first customer to buy the plugin once released.
    As a customer you might as well start a new suggestion thread for a modification or plugin you want WebEngine to have. Depending on the amount of work required to develop the plugin, it might be released for free or as a premium plugin. Suggestions with the most up-votes are more likely to be developed sooner.​
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