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Dec 5, 2014
- [Security] .htaccess now only allows alpha-numeric requests
- [Feature] Handler now supports multiple (frienly url) requests
- [AdminCP] Now 100% responsive
- [AdminCP] CKEditor is now loaded through its CDN
- [AdminCP] Visually improved all modules
- [AdminCP] Account search module created
- [AdminCP] Account info module now combines 4 modules (account info, account characters, account's ip address and edit account)
- [AdminCP] Module "accountsfromip" now gathers information from MEMB_STAT table as well
- [AdminCP] Added character search module (includes "find character's account" functionalities)
- [AdminCP] Character edit module now combines 2 modules (edit character and edit master level)
- [AdminCP] Added online check to character edit module
- [AdminCP] Added data filtering to character edit module
- [AdminCP] Added a button to account information in "new registrations" and "online users" modules
- [AdminCP] Added pagination to "new registrations" module
- [AdminCP] Latest bans module now displays the last 50 bans
- [AdminCP] Restructured latest bans module for easier viewing
- [AdminCP] Added pagination to "block ip" module
- [AdminCP] Added pagination to paypal transactions module
- [AdminCP] Added search feature to paypal transactions module
- [API] Fixed online check of superrewards api
- [API] Added transaction check to superrewards api
- [Core] Common's updateEmail() method changed to public
- [Core] Common's addRewardItem() method removed
- [Core] Items library removed
- [Core] MuEngine library removed
- [Core][Security] Handler's database instances removed from global variables
- [Core][Feature] CreditSystem library created
- [AdminCP] Removed cron job edit feature
- [AdminCP][Security] Implemented new access level system for admincp (this will allow you to easily restrict certain modules to your staff)
- [Improvement] 404 module removed (invalid modules will now redirect to the website home)
- [Feature] Language switch feature added
- [Core] Improved WebEngine's error system
- [Core][Feature] Basic anti-flood system implemented
- [AdminCP] Website configuration check added
- [Core] Vote library completely recoded and implemented new CreditSystem
- [Core] PagSeguro donations API added
- [Core] PayPal API now uses the new CreditSystem
- [Core] SuperRewards API now uses the new CreditSystem
- [Core] Email library created
- [Core] Account library created
- [Core] Common's library code optimized
- [Core] WebEngine's file structure improved and optimized
- [Template] Removed unused images
- [Template] Improved the overall look of the default theme

About this one: - [AdminCP] Account info module now combines 4 modules (account info, account characters, account's ip address and edit account)
As a Admin I am able to change the Character's Name?
and About the Ban Module, Why it's only Ban Account? It's possible to add the Ban Character as well. Would be good if there are two options Ban Account and Ban Character.

Thanks for the Released


Dec 19, 2012
Editing character names feature has not been added. It might be added later on (maybe in WebEngine 2.0), same goes for the ban character. I would have added both features you are asking for, but as I stated in another post, I merged both WebEngine 2.0 with 1.0.8. So the WebEngine 1.0.8 update I released was a release of what I had already completed.


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Dec 5, 2014
I did not noticed that Post you made,I apologize.

I want to suggest for the Feature to this incoming new Version of Webengine (If you really don't mind it at all)
About having a Server Status Module,News Module,Update Module Separately or just add a Quick links, I think would be better. Also the CS module can you add more details on it like showing some info what guilds are registered for CS.

I am very sorry, :(