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Discussion in 'Customizations & Modules' started by ozon, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. ozon

    ozon New Member

    Hello, I would like to connect my Register form from website with database of my forum.

    So could someone write me a code which
    - will create account in MuOnline database - it's in webengine
    and in this same time
    - will create account in Forum database
    Information of database
    hostname: localhost
    type: mysql
    username: login
    password: pass
    databasename: Forum
    table: forum_login
    In table I've got username, password, email

    I hope someone would be so kindly and will help by making ready file to input in webengine :)
  2. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

  3. ozon

    ozon New Member

    Just in time :) I'm using MyBB

    You made it for 1.0.7 so it's little complicated but I will try to do it even that
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  4. ozon

    ozon New Member

    OK so maybe little help, I don't want to do something big so you helped me that I should work with class.common and I found there
    $query = "INSERT INTO "._TBL_MI_." (memb___id, memb__pwd, memb_name, sno__numb, mail_addr, bloc_code, ctl1_code) VALUES :)username, :password, :name, :serial, :email, 0, 0)";

    so I made it (Im using MyBB so there is some difference than I wrote in post):
    $query = "INSERT INTO "mybb_users" (username, password, email) VALUES :)username, :password, :email, 0, 0)";
    But how to wrote in that query that should connect not to SQL database but to:
    $config['database']['type'] = 'mysqli';
    $config['database']['database'] = 'MyBB';
    $config['database']['hostname'] = 'localhost';
    $config['database']['username'] = 'login';
    $config['database']['password'] = 'pass';

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