Resets enhancements


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Dec 25, 2014
This is a suggestion for adding more flexibility to the resets module. For those servers with resets it is important to get this right, depending on the style of server you run. The XML below shows a structure (profile) of progressive requirements and benefits as you gain resets. The logic goes like this:
If the module is active then at reset you check the number of resets the character has against (<) resetx - requirements for level, zen and days since the last reset are in the corresponding places. The points benefit is for that same numbered pointsx

Points awarded is an iteration for the number of resets that adds the number in pointsX at each reset until the current reset is reached. Increment the reset and deduct the zen. The rest of the reset process is fairly straightforward with the exception of tracking when the last reset was done for checking next time a reset is wanted.

Allowing at least 5 but preferably 10 or more reset level configurations would be good. No need to have an xml editor in the admincp but that would make it more clean and tidy.

Then there are three other important options to include:
  1. Option to clear skills set at the module
  2. Option to require also that items equipped (not the whole inventory) be clear with that option set per VIP level and normal - configurable in the module. That gives a benefit to VIPs to remain equipped when the server file sallow this without gaining an unfair benefit (eg wings)
  3. Option to clear Quests. This option should be at the module and also selectable by a player (so that the player can do the quests again to get the quest benefits)
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