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SQL Problem

Discussion in 'General Support & Questions' started by Ch3ma, Dec 6, 2017 at 5:17 AM.

  1. Ch3ma

    Ch3ma New Member

    Hi Lautaro, the website has worked perfectly, but today when I try to enter, it shows this message https://i.imgur.com/A07qBBc.png and I don't know why, I don't change anything in my configs, if you know why this is happening please let me know.

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. TopLane

    TopLane New Member

    Have you installed SQL srv drivers? also, if you aren't on linux webhosting, better use ODBC, because SQLSRV driver is not supported on xampp on this web.
  3. Ch3ma

    Ch3ma New Member

    I use this website like a month ago, I don't know the site stop working today, I use Linux webhosting.
  4. Ch3ma

    Ch3ma New Member

    Hi again, i try to re-install the site and check the system again.

    Everithing looks fine:


    i don't know way this happening!!
  5. Ch3ma

    Ch3ma New Member

    I already fix the problem.

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