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[Template] BattleMU [Premium]

Discussion in 'Templates and Designs' started by DaniHv, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. DaniHv

    DaniHv New Member

    Premium template
    WebEngine 1.0.9.x & 2.x

    - ServerTimer
    - Events Module
    - No video background (Fast Loading)
    - Perfect ALL Modules adaptation
    - Perfect aligment




    Some modules:


    Price: ONLY 20 USD!
    Who include?: Template + Future updates with news addeds and if be necessary, adaptations to future WebEngine's versions.

    Payment methods?
      • PayPal
      • MercadoPago (Argentina)
      • G2APay
      • Bitcoin

    Other services?
    I have enough knowledge to adapt any possible design to webengine, But you must know that not all are possible due WebEngine limitations.

    Other of templates adaptations for WebEngine:


    Contact me if you want any of my templates and i'll send you a private link to see my templates working

    How to buy/How to contact me for Adaptation Services?
    Contact me via mail: Hurtdany@gmail.com
  2. inax123

    inax123 Customer Customer

    Look Great!
    DaniHv likes this.
  3. Marcelo

    Marcelo New Member

    Hello I'm interested, I wanted to know if the template brings the PSD? I would like more without the image of the medium
  4. DaniHv

    DaniHv New Member

    Hello, the template don't include PSD's, but you can remove the image of the medium because aren't in the background image, is an image slider.

    You can see a live demo if you want, my mail: hurtdany@gmail.com

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