[Template] Dkweb [Premium] (-50% Discount)

Premium template based in Original Legendary Template maked by Lautaro
WebEngine 1.0.9.x

Who's new?
-New Navbar
-New Header
-Image Slider
-Video background
-Active events widgets (With Javascript, you set events times in index.php easly, and you can add new events if you have custom events)


Live Demo: Click Here (PD: In demo isn't actived yet widget "Active events")

Price: ONLY 7,5$USD NOW! (Original Price 15$)
Who include?: Template + Future updates with news addeds

Other services?
I have enough knowledge to adapt any possible design to webengine, But you must know that not all are possible due WebEngine limitations.

Other of templates adaptations for WebEngine:
Demo: http://lord.4pinoy.net/ - Different Price contact me to talk about it.

How to buy/How to contact me for Adaptation Services?
Contact me via mail: Hurtdany@gmail.com

Coming soon simpler templates, free for all

PD: Lautaro your work is amazing, thanks for it. Let's grow WebEngine, the best Mu free CMS
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