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Nov 8, 2018
Before publishing your free or paid template in our marketplace section please take in consideration the following rules and proceedings.

Posting Rules:
To post in the marketplace you must follow these rules:​
  • Have at least 15 posts in our forum
  • Your template post must not contain any link to external social media, the client should first contact you via forum PM.
Free Templates:
You are allowed to post any amount of free templates or modified versions of other free templates as long​
as you have the permission by the original author of the template to share such work. A free template may​
NOT contain any elements from paid or premium templates.​
Premium Templates:
You are allowed to post your premium template as long as one of the following conditions is true:​
  • You are the original designer of the template
  • You have a license that allows you to resell the template
Before posting your template you must provide @Lautaro or @Mon all​
the information about your premium template, and in the case you are not the original designer you must​
include the license which was granted to you, that allows you to resell the template.​
Premium Templates Support/Included Services:
If support or additional services for the purchase of a premium template is offered to the client, you MUST provide​
such support/service to the client in a timely manner. Should a client report misleading information about a​
product or service offered to them, we will investigate into the matter and act accordingly to the allegations.​
Continuous failures to provide an offered or included service with the template purchase may lead to a​
permanent ban from our forum as well from our discord channel.​
Ripped Templates:
Ripped templates are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, here at WebEngine we appreciate the work of the original​
authors, offering ripped templates in our forum or discord channel will get your post deleted and you​
will receive a warning. Continuing to offer ripped template(s) will result in a permanent ban from both​
our forum and discord channel.​
Premium Templates Post Requirements:
  • Title (template name)
  • Description
  • Demo or Screen Shots
  • WebEngine Version Compatibility List
  • Pricing
  • Updates Access Information

NOTE: These rules are subject to change without notice, so please keep yourself informed and check this post regularly.
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