WebEngine 1.0.8

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This thread contains all the information regarding WebEngine's 1.0.8 stable release.

- [Security] .htaccess now only allows alpha-numeric requests
- [Feature] Handler now supports multiple (frienly url) requests
- [AdminCP] Now 100% responsive
- [AdminCP] CKEditor is now loaded through its CDN
- [AdminCP] Visually improved all modules
- [AdminCP] Account search module created
- [AdminCP] Account info module now combines 4 modules (account info, account characters, account's ip address and edit account)
- [AdminCP] Module "accountsfromip" now gathers information from MEMB_STAT table as well
- [AdminCP] Added character search module (includes "find character's account" functionalities)
- [AdminCP] Character edit module now combines 2 modules (edit character and edit master level)
- [AdminCP] Added online check to character edit module
- [AdminCP] Added data filtering to character edit module
- [AdminCP] Added a button to account information in "new registrations" and "online users" modules
- [AdminCP] Added pagination to "new registrations" module
- [AdminCP] Latest bans module now displays the last 50 bans
- [AdminCP] Restructured latest bans module for easier viewing
- [AdminCP] Added pagination to "block ip" module
- [AdminCP] Added pagination to paypal transactions module
- [AdminCP] Added search feature to paypal transactions module
- [API] Fixed online check of superrewards api
- [API] Added transaction check to superrewards api
- [Core] Common's updateEmail() method changed to public
- [Core] Common's addRewardItem() method removed
- [Core] Items library removed
- [Core] MuEngine library removed
- [Core][Security] Handler's database instances removed from global variables
- [Core][Feature] CreditSystem library created
- [AdminCP] Removed cron job edit feature
- [AdminCP][Security] Implemented new access level system for admincp (this will allow you to easily restrict certain modules to your staff)
- [Improvement] 404 module removed (invalid modules will now redirect to the website home)
- [Feature] Language switch feature added
- [Core] Improved WebEngine's error system
- [Core][Feature] Basic anti-flood system implemented
- [AdminCP] Website configuration check added
- [Core] Vote library completely recoded and implemented new CreditSystem
- [Core] PagSeguro donations API added
- [Core] PayPal API now uses the new CreditSystem
- [Core] SuperRewards API now uses the new CreditSystem
- [Core] Email library created
- [Core] Account library created
- [Core] Common's library code optimized
- [Core] WebEngine's file structure improved and optimized
- [Template] Removed unused images
- [Template] Improved the overall look of the default theme
Required PHP Modules, Extensions & Settings:
short_open_tag = On
[Linux] php-pdo_dblib
[Windows] PDO sqlsrv driver
[Windows] PDO ODBC driver

Installation instructions:

Upgrade instructions (from 1.0.7 PL1): **IMPORTANT**
This release is a COMPLETE rewrite of WebEngine, therefor it is not possible to upgrade your current website with all (if any) customizations you made to it.
  1. Make a full backup of your database(s)
  2. Make a full backup of your current WebEngine website
  3. Download WebEngine 1.0.8 from the clients area.
  4. Remove your current WebEngine website completely
  5. Execute the SQL script: WEBENGINE_CREDITS_CONFIG
  6. Execute the SQL script: WEBENGINE_CREDITS_LOGS
  7. [OPTIONAL] Delete your current WEBENGINE_CRON table and run the new SQL script (newest crons will be added in case you never added them)
  8. Re-install WebEngine 1.0.8 (yes! as if it was a new website)
  9. Re-configure the config file
  10. Re-configure the tables definitions (now located in /includes/tables.php)
  11. Login and configure the website through the admin panel
  12. Go to news manager and update the news cache

Download at clients area

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