WebEngine's 6th Anniversary

On December 19th, 2018 we will be celebrating 6 years of WebEngine CMS!
The event is here!

INFO WebEngine Features

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WebEngine Features
  • Secure, Optimized and Customizable
    • cached modules data
    • all inputs filtered for malicious code
    • optimized database connection system
      • PDO DBLIB Driver
      • PDO SQLSRV Driver
      • PDO ODBC Driver
    • 100% non-encrypted source code
    • easy custom module creation
    • friendly url's
    • encrypted users data
    • 3 and 4 database structure compatibility
    • clean source code -easy to understand-
    • template system
    • news system
  • AdminCP Features
    • News management
    • Retrieve full account information
    • Find all account characters
    • Find character's account
    • Find account's IP addresses
    • Find accounts from IP
    • show online accounts
    • disaplay latest paypal donations
    • disaplay latest superrewards donations
    • add/substract credits (cspoints)
  • Website Configurations
    • Turn website on/off
    • Turn error reporting on/off
    • Choose website template
    • Choose website language
    • Encryption hash (for encrypting data)
    • Choose maintenance page url (when website is off)
    • Choose credits add type (if use TempCredits or modify cspoints directly)
    • Give admincp access to users
    • Limit admincp access to modules to certain users
    • Set website title
    • Set footer copyright text
    • Set META keywords & description
    • Set forum link
    • SQL connection data
      • Switch between connection drivers
    • Email system configs
      • enable/disable email system
      • set email sender and name
      • set emails titles
    • News system configs
      • choose amount of expanded news
      • news listing limit
      • enable/disable DISQUS comment system
    • Registration configs
      • enable/disable new registrations
      • enable/disable reCAPTCHA
    • Login configs
      • enable/disable session timeout
      • set session timeout
      • set maximum failed login attempts
      • set timeout for reaching maximum failed logins
    • Vote module configs
      • enable/disable voting module
      • enable/disable saving vote logs in database
      • add/remove voting sites
    • My Account module configs
    • Reset module configs
    • Clear pk module configs
    • Unstuck character module configs
    • Fix stats module configs
    • Clear skill-tree module configs
    • VIP membership module configs
      • enable/disable vip system module
      • enable/disable vip purchase promotion
      • set vip promotion success rate
      • set vip promotion reward days
      • set vip day cost
      • set vip plans and discounts
      • enable/disable showing vip benefits
      • set vip benefits
    • Donate for credits module settings
    • PayPal donation module configs
      • enable/disable paypal donations
      • enable/disable paypal sandbox (for testing donation system)
      • set paypal email
      • set product title
      • set currency
      • set paypal return url (after complete transaction or cancellation)
      • set paypal notify url (for paypal IPN)
      • define conversion rate between real money and server currency (credits)
    • SuperRewards donation module configs
      • enable/disable superrewards donations
      • set secret hash
      • define conversion rate
    • Rankings system configs
      • set rankings results limit
      • enable/disable showing last refresh date & time
      • choose default ranking to show
      • enable/disable each type of rankings
    • Change password system configs
      • enable/disable changing account password
      • enable/disable email verification for changing password
      • choose password email verification request timeout (for how long the verification link will be active)
    • Master key recovery system configs
    • Add stats module configs
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