Where are the variables defined?

Hello, I wanted to know where the variables are defined (In what file) such as: {{SERVER_INFO.GUILDS}} take the data of "$serverInfo [] = $ totalGuilds;" (From the file called cron server_info.php) and so with the other data of this type ...
I have checked in those files and there is no line where define for example "SERVER_INFO.GUILDS" so that it takes the information "$ serverInfo [] = $ totalGuilds;" of the file named "server_info.php" from the cron folder. I think it is defined in another file, but I can not find where ...


I'd been looking for this, did you get it? I want to add top 5 guilds to my website but it's difficult if we don't see the variables.
You can take the code from the guild rankings module:

This is the exact function that loads the ranking data from cache.
$ranking_data = LoadCacheData('rankings_guilds.cache');
You can then proceed at displaying the data in a table by using a FOREACH cycle:
echo '<table class="table">';
$i = 0;
foreach($ranking_data as $rdata) {
    if($i>=1) {
        echo '<tr>';
            echo '<td>'.$rdata[0].'</td>';
            echo '<td>'.returnGuildLogo($rdata[3], 40).'</td>';
            echo '<td>'.$rdata[1].'</td>';
            echo '<td>'.$rdata[2].'</td>';
        echo '</tr>';
echo '</table>';