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Modification zTeam credits (class.common.php)

Discussion in 'Customizations & Modules' started by Lautaro, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Lautaro

    Lautaro Administrator Developer

    Here's the modified 1.0.7 PL1 class.common.php for clients using zTeam files.

    The only modification that has been made is to the addcredits() and substractCredits() functions. The queries have been changed so the web uses the following table definitions:
    So that should be changed to:
    define('_CLMN_MC_TEMPCREDITS_''none'); //not used
    With that modification plus the attched class.common.php your web's credits system should work with no problem.

    WebEngine 1.0.8 will have full support for zTeam database.

    Attached Files:

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  2. wiraly

    wiraly Customer Customer

    Thank you, works fine.
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  3. Wortex

    Wortex Member

    1.0.8 will have support for which version of the DB? zTeam S6E3 differs quite a lot from S8E2.
  4. Netzo

    Netzo Customer Customer

    Official zTeam which is Season 8 Episode 2. zTeam no longer develop Season 6.
  5. Death

    Death Customer Customer

    now thats geat news!

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